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Rama Steel Tubes Emerges as Top Multibagger Pick with Astonishing 1000% Surge in Just 3 Years


The stock market is in the grip of decline for the last three days. All-round selling is visible in the market. However, if seen in the long term, the market is in profit. Even after many cycles of ups and downs, the market proves to be a profitable deal in the long term. This penny stock proves this to be true, which has given surprising returns in the long run.

recent minor changes

Today we are telling you the story of Rama Steel Tubes, which is counted among the cheap stocks. Recently, the performance of this stock has not been anything special. In Thursday’s trading, this stock is trading in the green at Rs 38.80 with a slight gain. The price has fallen by more than 3 percent in the last 5 days. However, it is making a profit of more than 3 percent in a month. At the same time, it has fallen by three and a half percent in 6 months and by about 5 percent in a year.

Multibagger as per 2 years

According to the last 2 years, it is counted among the multibaggers of the market. About two years ago, in January 2022, the price of one of its shares was around Rs 17. Meaning it has jumped more than 100 percent in two years. At the same time, the growth of this stock becomes a whopping 1000% in 3 years.

Below Rs 1 three and a half years ago

Not long ago, the price of one share of Rama Steel Tubes was less than one rupee. In April 2020, this share was cheaper by more than one rupee each. Before the recent correction, it had also touched the level of Rs 45.20. Meaning, in a span of three and a half years, this stock has earned more than 45 times for its investors. Currently its market cap is Rs 1,980 crore.

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