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CBI Awaits Response from Facebook and Google in Sushant Singh Rajput Case

CBI Awaits Response from Facebook and Google in Sushant Singh Rajput Case

In 2021, CBI sent a formal request seeking details regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’ deleted chats, posts and emails from the social media giants.

In a significant development in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has stated that they are still awaiting responses from Facebook and Google. The CBI had formally requested details regarding the late actor’s deleted chats, posts, and emails from these social media giants in 2021. The agency hopes that this deleted information will provide crucial insights into the events that took place in June 2020.

“We are still waiting for a response from the US on this technical evidence, which may help us take the case to a logical conclusion. The case is pending finalization due to this,” said an anonymous CBI officer to Hindustan Times.

This development comes just a few days after Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, shared that the credibility of the evidence in the case is being examined, and the investigation is still ongoing. “Initially, the available information was based on hearsay. However, certain individuals claimed to possess substantial evidence. In response, we reached out to them and requested that they submit the evidence to the police,” Fadnavis told Republic.

“We are currently in the process of assessing the credibility of the presented evidence. The investigation is still in progress, and it would be premature for me to comment on the eventual outcome of the case at this stage,” the politician added.

Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his Mumbai apartment in June 2020. Following the involvement of the Mumbai Police, various agencies, including the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), were brought in to investigate different angles in the actor’s death.

The CBI’s request for deleted information from Facebook and Google indicates their determination to uncover the truth behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The agency believes that these digital traces may provide crucial clues and help them piece together the events leading up to the tragic incident.

The delay in receiving a response from the US-based tech giants has put the case on hold. The CBI’s officer’s statement implies that without this technical evidence, they cannot move forward with concluding the investigation. The agency’s focus on deleted chats, posts, and emails suggests that they are exploring all possible avenues to understand the circumstances surrounding Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise.

As the investigation continues, the eyes of the nation remain on this high-profile case. The quest for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput has captured public attention, and the outcome of the investigation will have far-reaching implications. With the CBI eagerly awaiting responses from Facebook and Google, the hope is that these digital footprints will finally provide the answers that have eluded investigators thus far.

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