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Home Featured Ghoongat is patriarchal, Hijab is a choice while Bindi is mysogyny, Burqa is freedom: The hypocrite stance of Indian ‘secularism’

Ghoongat is patriarchal, Hijab is a choice while Bindi is mysogyny, Burqa is freedom: The hypocrite stance of Indian ‘secularism’

Ghoongat is patriarchal, Hijab is a choice while Bindi is mysogyny, Burqa is freedom: The hypocrite stance of Indian ‘secularism’

The recent events that unfolded across Karnataka over the Hijab vs uniform is futile and continue to make no sense that a century old misogynistic practice is being forces upon girls/women in the name of religion and their defendants claim its ‘Choice’ just to prove a point of their biased mentality.

You may or may not like this red pill, but it is undeniable that any form of religious declaration or norms in an educational institution must be discouraged, afterall if you were so keen on practicing religion instead of education you could have gone to your respective Gurukul/Madarsa/Missionary.

Undoubtedly this issue was raised out of no where and made a hot base for communal chaos but are we supposed to live with a problem after we diagnose it or should we fix it?

This isn’t Taliban ruled Afghanistan where where you have to surrender in front of the Sharia Law, India has its own constitution and if your claim that it provides you the right to practice your religion, then wait for all these schools to transform into prayer rooms, after all its our right eh?

Ironically saying, how cool would it be to see some people doing havan in their class rooms, some reading Namaz, some praying to Jesus, some reading Guru Granth Sahib instead of EDUCATION, will this save our secularism?

Or what about girls showing up in Ghoongats will you defend that too?

In a school/college students are supposed to be equal, and hence the ‘uniform’ that doesn’t bias with you irrespective of your caste/religion, yet to prove their extremist mindset, fanatics of all ends show up practicing their customs.

But here, we have Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi claiming ‘wearing bikini or ghoongat or jeans or hijab is a women’s choice’. Does she even know we are talking about schools here? Is she in her right mind implying kids can wear bikini just because it is a ‘woman’s right’?

Now, entering the bandwagon of international celebrities like Rihanna raised the Farmers Protest issue, now Pakistan’s women rights activist Malala Yousafzai also has weighed in on the controversy over Muslim students alleging that they were not allowed to enter campuses and classrooms wearing the hijab in Karnataka. The girls’ education activist tweeted that “refusing to let girls go to school in their hijabs is horrifying.”

Malala is the same activist who dared not to utter a single word against the Taliban and their mistreatment/rape/human trafficking of women as they were doing it under the garb of Sharia Law which she supposedly follows.

I am not here calling anyone out except the ones with hypocritic statements who claim this is about article 25-28 or the article 14, because if you really think this is freedom, then it was proved wrong in Karnataka High Court after the petitioner defending Hijab quoted Quran and Hadith saying ‘it is mandatory in Islam’ instead of ‘it is their choice’.


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