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Udaipur horror is just a reality check of the intolerant society we live in: The myth of ‘brotherhood’ and temporary outrage


Kanhaiya Lal was a common man, a tailor who fed his family by sewing clothes of anyone and everyone who came to his shop. He did the same to the two monsters who came disguised as customers and killed him.

Kanhaiya’s fault? He dared to be vocal in a ‘secular’ and ‘free’ country and tried to actually use his freedom of speech and we know what happened next.

This is not just about Kanhaiya, its about every one of those voices who tried to be vocal and were cut down like a tree in the forest to pave path for the radicalization of this society and this country.

Every week there’s curfew and Section-144 being imposed at some place in India due to communal tension, this is where we are headed in reality.

It is the reality of times we live in that “to say the truth you either have to be anonymous or be dead” after all the intolerance in some religions has increased so much thanks to the everlasting shielding that nobody ever dares to raise a finger even after they are wrong.

No, not a single country would come to condemn the killing of this common man but they all united over a ‘remark’.

Is the fabric of ‘brotherhood’ and ‘peacefulness’ so thin? No, in reality, that fabric is just an illusion to entrap the emotionally blindfolded people who think it is possible for a contrasting set of individuals got co-exist in a society with extreme-radical views.

This nation and its bubble of brotherhood is slowly bursting and its a redpill most of us might not want to consume.

Kanhaiya Lal’s story will end after some temporary outrage because he was a common man who neither has a political party backing him or and NGO who can make a movement out of his killing to cash it.

Next it could be you, gone and forgotten for daring to raise a voice or even me as an individual as i write these harsh words against the society we live in, who knows?

Just hope that sidelining their intolerant radical beliefs and contrasting stands, the citizens of India could maybe someday actually be bold enough to actually co-exist together without chaos. However, i know its too late for that.

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