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Unable to justify Taliban’s crimes, Indian ‘wokes’ are now dragging Hinduism, RSS & press conference to their argument


So what if they have guns and rocket launchers in their hands and killed tens of thousands of civilians and raped thousands of women? At least they did the Press Conference right?

And of course, they are better than Hindus of India after all they are letting their women outside wrapped in burqas and giving them rights under ‘Sharia laws’ even if it means no rights for women.

The astounding comparisons being dragged into the Taliban issue just because Indian ‘woke’ population fears to use the word ‘Islamic terrorism’ but feels okay to use ‘saffron terrorism’ (something that has never been proved anywhere) is funny.

These are the same people who say Hinduphobia does not exist and go to the extent of hating Hinduism so much that even when the one being killed by a terrorist is a Hindu, they will still blame it on the victim saying “he bought the gun for the terrorist and paid him to kill.”

Quite ironic that despite these people are supported by an ideology that is supposed to be liberal, secular, and treat everyone equally but will always demean the majority for obvious reasons (they don’t want to be another Charlie Hebdo).

Be it alleged actress Swara Bhasker or activists from an ecosystem that blindly hate Indian govt, they reflect their hatred for Hinduism the very chance they got even though they don’t have any relation to the situation.

Can you call out Hindus or Sikhs or Christians for what happened in Afghanistan?

No, not even a single sane person would do that. But apparently, there are some individuals who call themselves saviors of the democracy, think it is the right moment to compare the disastrous situation to India, Hinduism & RSS just so that they can spread their hateful propaganda to brainwash the public.

This is not limited to struggling actresses failing to get the limelight or politicians failing to secure a seat in opposition parties, there are common people amongst them too who think they can blindly hate everyone who belongs to a particular caste, religion and ideology yet, have the audacity to call the other half out when they do the same calling it being ‘liberal’.

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