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Entry of Karnataka Congress MLA in House Ignites Controversy


In a recent development, Karnataka Congress MLA Pradeep Eshwar made headlines by entering the Bigg Boss Kannada house. This move stirred controversy and criticism among the public and social media users.

The Speculation and Concerns

A promotional video hinted that the Congress legislator had become a part of the popular reality show, Bigg Boss Kannada. This led to speculation that he had joined the show as a contestant. The Vande Mataram Social Service Organisation promptly raised concerns and filed a complaint with the Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, UT Khader. They asserted that the MLA’s participation in the show was causing him to neglect his responsibilities towards his constituency.

Kannada Bigg Boss Team’s Clarification

To clarify the situation, the Bigg Boss team issued a statement on Monday. They stated that MLA Pradeep Eshwar had entered the Bigg Boss Kannada house as a guest, not as a full-fledged contestant. This distinction was crucial in addressing the concerns raised by the public.

MLA Pradeep Eshwar’s Response

Following his exit from the Bigg Boss house, MLA Pradeep Eshwar addressed the controversy. He announced that the money he received for his guest appearance on the show would be donated to an orphanage, indicating his intention to put the earnings to a charitable cause.

Social Media Outrage

The news of the MLA’s entry into the reality show triggered a wave of reactions on social media. While some users criticized him for his decision, others turned to humor by creating memes about his participation in Bigg Boss Kannada.

One social media user expressed their disappointment, describing the MLA’s entry as “a new low” for our democracy. They highlighted concerns about an elected representative prioritizing a reality show over solving the problems faced by the people and being available to them.

Another user went a step further and called for action against the MLA. They addressed prominent Congress leaders, including DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah, as well as Eshwar Khandre, and urged them to take action against Pradeep Eshwar for what they perceived as irresponsibility on his part. They questioned how an elected representative could justify such a move when people had chosen him to serve their needs.

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