Home Politics Rajasthan govt announces ‘free electricity’ in the state from today

Rajasthan govt announces ‘free electricity’ in the state from today

Rajasthan govt announces ‘free electricity’ in the state from today

Ahead of the Assembly election scheduled later this year, Rajasthan chief minister (CM) Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday declared that families will get free electricity for up to 100 units, while a fixed rate for the next 100 units will be provided.

“The first 100 units of electricity will be given free of cost to families who consume more than 100 units per month. That is, no matter how much the bill comes, they will not have to pay any electricity charge for the first 100 units,” he tweeted.

With this announcement, subscribers with 100 units will have to pay nothing as power bill while those with 200 units will have to pay Rs 503 instead of present amount of Rs 1610. While on Rs 100, the subsidy is Rs 832 and subsidy over 200 units is Rs 1,107.

This decision will benefit more than 11 million people in Rajasthan, he claimed.

Gehlot’s announcement came after receiving feedback during inflation relief camps, where registrations for various schemes, including the free electricity scheme, are taking place.

Ashok Gehlot’s announcement on a day when PM Narendra Modi addressed a rally in the state’s Ajmer district. Ashok Gehlot is holding Garibi Rahat Shivir or Inflation Control Campaign across the state these days.

The Congress party had also announced a list of freebies in Karnataka ahead of the elections, which subsequently worked for it. Under Graha Jyothi Yojana, the party announced 200 units of free electricity for the state’s residents.

Following that, the Congress Party made a similar announcement in Madhya Pradesh where Assembly polls are scheduled to be held this year only. In MP, Congress will provide 100 units of electricity free to households and subsequent units up to 200 at half price if voted to power in the central state.


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