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Carlos Alcaraz edges past reigning Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic to win the Final


In a match that was undecided till the last set, Carlos Alcaraz won the ultimate battle against Novak Djokovic, the man who was synonymous with the tournament after he won the last set 6-4. After managing to hold his nerves and gain an advantage, Alcaraz went on to win the match in some style as he beat the reigning champion who had won the last four Wimbledon finals in consecutive manner.

Before this game, Novak Djokovic had a record of winning all of 78 matches where he had won the first set of the game. However, Carlos Alcaraz broke this as he came back strong even after the first set victory by Djokovic. Alcaraz then went on to win the next two sets 7-6(8-6) and 6-1. While the second set of the match was a nail biter with Alcaraz securing a narrow 8-6 victory in that set. He made sure that Djokovic would not win that easily as Carlos won the third set by a dominating 6-1 games. But, just as it looked as if the match was over and Alcaraz was certain to win, Djokovic again made a come back by winning the fourth set, showing his experience and his relentless behaviour.

The fifth set really showed us that tennis is not some boring game that goes on for 4-5 hours but it is a game of mental strength and perseverance which Carlos Alcaraz showed even at the young age of 20 by holding out one game at a time as he held his calm and won the last game even after Djokovic was trailing him by just one game before the start of the sixth set. Alcaraz also broke Djokovic’s streak of 45 matches unbeaten of Wimbledon’s centre court.

Post-match even as Carlos Alcaraz lifted the trophy, there was a lot of mutual love and respect between the two opponents as Carlos called Djokovic his inspiration and said that the Serbian was the reason he started playing Tennis. Novak Djokovic too had some sweet words for the Spaniard as he called him a complete player who is very mature for his age and has the best of the qualities of the Djokovic, Federer and Nadal. This is Carlos Alcaraz’s second grand slam title and he will remain the World no 1 on Monday, something which would not have been the case if he had lost the final.    

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