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‘Printed tickets mandatory for ODI World Cup 2023, no e-tickets allowed’, says Jay Shah


Individuals who anticipated purchasing tickets directly from the internet and gaining entry to the stadium will be disappointed as e-tickets will not be available for the upcoming one-day World Cup. To gain entry to the stadium, spectators will be required to present printed tickets. For those purchasing tickets online, they must collect the printed tickets and present them at the entry gate.

As per Jay Shah, the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), each center will have a minimum of seven to eight counters where spectators can collect their printed tickets. Ample time will be provided before the game’s commencement to ensure the proper distribution of tickets.

According to ANI, Jay Shah stated that e-tickets will not be available this time. Instead, arrangements will be made for ticket redemption at multiple locations a week before the event to ensure a hassle-free process. He also mentioned that managing e-tickets at high-capacity venues like Ahmedabad and Lucknow could be challenging. The plan is to gradually introduce e-tickets in bilateral matches and later expand its usage to multi-nation events like the World Cup.

Shah mentioned ongoing discussions with the majority of state cricket associations, and they have until July 31 to deliberate and reach a final decision on the matter. Moreover, the ticket pricing will be jointly announced by the ICC and BCCI at a later date, and the ticket partner has already been chosen.

Shah has highlighted the significance of enhancing stadium infrastructure, with particular focus on priorities such as housekeeping, toilets, hygiene, and water facilities.

The BCCI and Coca-Cola, the official ICC partner, have joined forces to cater to the water needs of fans in the stands. Complimentary water will be provided in either bottled or glass form. To further enrich the fan experience, state associations have been directed to install appropriate signage throughout the stadiums, which is expected to enhance the overall enjoyment for spectators during matches.

To elevate the fan experience during matches, state associations have received instructions to install appropriate signage throughout the stadiums. This initiative aims to significantly enhance the overall enjoyment for spectators. The opening match of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 will take place on October 5 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, featuring defending champions England against runner-up New Zealand.

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