Home Sports Virat Kohli’s net-worth crosses ₹1000 crore: Report

Virat Kohli’s net-worth crosses ₹1000 crore: Report

Virat Kohli’s net-worth crosses ₹1000 crore: Report


Virat Kohli has crossed the Rs 1,000 crore net worth milestone, positioning him among the richest Indian celebrities. Virat Kohli also enjoys a vast following on his social media platforms. He has over 56.4 million followers on Twitter and a staggering 253 million followers on Instagram which makes him the 16th most followed on the Meta powered platform.

With the help of his following and talent on the pitch, he is one of the world’s wealthiest athletes across the globe. According to a report by Stock Gro, his net worth has now reached more than ₹1050 crores. He gets ₹7 crores annually from the BCCI. ₹6 lakh for each ODI, ₹15 lakh for each test, and ₹3 lakh for a T20 game. Every year he earns about ₹15 crores from Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL.

He charges ₹7.5-10 crores per ad shoot, endorsing multiple brands like Noise, Too Yumm, Myntra, Vivo, Wrogn, MRF, Star Sports, Toothsi, Tissot, and Volini. On social media, Kohli charges per post. Kohli charges ₹8.9 crore and ₹2.5 crore per post on Instagram and Twitter. The 34-year-old also owns startups like Nueva, Wrogn, One 8, and Stepathlon and funds startups like MPL, Digit, Blue Tribe, Chisel, Sportsbiz, Universal, and Rage Coffee.

Kohli is also the owner of sports teams like FC Goa, Bengaluru Yodhas, and UAE Royals. His luxurious car collection consists of Audis, Bentleys, and Range Rovers go up to a value of more than ₹32 crore. His two houses, in Mumbai and Gurugram, are valued at ₹34 crores and ₹80 crores respectively.


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