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14-year-old boy survives 100-foot fall in Grand Canyon


A 14-year-old boy hailing from North Dakota has defied the odds by surviving a 100-foot fall into the Grand Canyon. Wyatt Kauffman, who was visiting the iconic landmark with his family, slipped off a cliff last week, only to emerge from the incident battered but miraculously alive.

Among his injuries were nine broken vertebrae, a ruptured spleen, a concussion, a collapsed lung, a broken hand, a dislocated finger, and various other wounds. While recovering in an Arizona hospital, Wyatt bravely recounted the details of his fall and the subsequent efforts to save him.

“I can’t recall anything after the fall,” shared Kauffman, speaking from his hospital bed. “I have some memories of waking up while in an ambulance, then a helicopter, and eventually a plane that brought me here.”

The incident itself unfolded as Kauffman described, “I was squatting down and holding onto a rock, but only managed to grip it with one hand. The hold wasn’t very strong, and it gave way. I started falling back.”

Swift action by the National Park Service’s first responders saved Wyatt’s life. Reports indicate that it took a team of dedicated personnel around two hours to safely retrieve the young boy from the depths of the canyon.

A photograph taken during Wyatt’s hospital recovery shows one side of his face adorned with scars and bruises. Discussing his son’s appearance, Brian Kauffman, Wyatt’s father, expressed relief, stating, “His face is looking much better today compared to yesterday.”

Following days of intense medical care, Wyatt was discharged from the hospital over the weekend, marking a triumphant step forward in his journey to recovery.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to be taking our child back home in the front seat of a car, as opposed to a much grimmer outcome,” Brian remarked, his voice with gratitude.

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