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Ghana: ‘Top gold producer title must reflect in mining communities’


Ghana recorded a total output of 3.7m ounces of gold at the end of 2022 – a 32% increase on the previous year – putting the country back in the top spot as Africa’s biggest gold producer after losing out to South Africa in 2021.

“A combination of fresh output and expansion of production at existing large-scale mines drove the large-scale sector’s contribution to national gold output from 2.7m ounces in 2021 to 3.1m ounces in 2022, representing an increment of 13%,” said Joshua Mortoti, president of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, at the 2023 annual general meeting.

This news does not mean anything to me. It does not reflect in my pocket.

Smaller mining outfits accounted for the rest of the production.

“This news does not mean anything to me,” says Kwame Appiah, a cocoa farmer at Kwabeng in the Eastern region. “It does not reflect in my pocket. Looking at what happened to me, I can imagine

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