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Southern Africa’s International Criminal Court Conundrum


There is no statistical consensus, but general evidence shows no less than five million immigrants reside in that country; though most are from the neighouring countries others originate from as far as Nigeria, Ethiopia and Somalia. Unofficial sources say three million of these are Zimbabwean fugitives from their own country’s economic turbulence.

If most alien Africans in that country are victims of military, social, economic and political ‘conflict’, it is easy to appreciate why South Africa ratified the values of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Below the baseline

The crude logic is that criminals tend to use countries with generous immigration policies as safe havens. Thus, the host country is tempted to have an affinity with most international protocols that encourage extradition and cross-border prosecution.

We recently saw ‘Facebook rapist’ fugitive Thabo Bester and his

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