Home World Africa Zimbabwe: Who’s who in Mnangagwa’s power base?

Zimbabwe: Who’s who in Mnangagwa’s power base?

Zimbabwe: Who’s who in Mnangagwa’s power base?

Popularly known as ‘the crocodile’ for his cunning and stealthy nature, Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa can crack jokes but act ruthlessly against his enemies. He has created a coterie of cronies for political benefits as he prepares to contest Zimbabwe’s presidency for a second term on 23 August.

To consolidate power, he keeps very influential individuals close in the business, military, judiciary and religious sectors.

Some of his associates have been sanctioned or are under watch by US-based investigative and policy organisations. The Africa Report examines his current inner circle.

Auxillia Mnangagwa

Blood ties are important to Mnangagwa for staying in power, and his wife, Auxillia, features prominently in Zimbabwe’s politics as she works hard to spruce up the image of the first family. A former member of parliament, she became First Lady in November 2017 and craves the

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