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Zimbabwe: Will Mthuli Ncube win Cowdray Park votes amid economic implosion?


Cowdray Park is a new constituency that was formed through the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission delimitation process this year. The entry of Ncube, a past chief economist and vice president of the African Development Bank as well as former Oxford University professor, into full-time politics has elicited a heated debate.

In 2018, Cowdray Park was just a ward under Luveve constituency, and the formation of this new constituency in Bulawayo province, an opposition stronghold, resulted in Zanu-PF fielding Ncube, whom they feel will be strong enough to win against the opposition.

Runaway inflation does not endear him to voters

During his five-year tenure, the Zimbabwe dollar has drastically lost value and inflation has soared to astronomical levels. Steve Hanke, an economics professor at John Hopkins University, places Zimbabwe’s annual inflation as the highest in the world at 1220%.

On 15

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