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Asia’s tallest tree found in Tibet


Nature has hidden many secrets within itself. Scientists engaged in the search for these secrets have found the tallest tree in Asia in Tibet. According to researchers at China’s Peking University, this cypress tree is 335 feet high, with a diameter of 9.6 feet.

This tree is also the second tallest tree in the world, bigger than The Statue of Liberty (305 feet) in New York. The tree was found in May this year at the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon Nature Reserve in the Tibetan city of Nyingchi. The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the deepest in the world.

The species of the tree is currently unclear, but it is likely either a Himalayan cypress (Cupressus torulosa) or a Tibetan cypress (Cupressus gigantea).

Before this discovery, the title was held by the Yellow Meranti (Shorea faguetiana) tree from Malaysia. Scientists have revised the record for the tallest tree in Tibet several times over the past year.

In April last year, scientists found a 252-foot tall tree in Medog County, Tibet. After this, in October, a tree 274 feet high was found in Jao County. Now after this discovery, the Asian record of the tallest tree has also been updated.

All these huge trees have been found in Nyingchi city in Tibet. The area has been the focus of conservation efforts to protect the flora and fauna. Researchers have created a record of tall trees to better understand the region’s environmental diversity and aid ecological conservation efforts.

Accurate digital records found with the help of technology

After several days of field surveys, scientists created 3D point cloud models of trees using a variety of techniques, including drones, to measure height. A 3D point cloud is a highly accurate digital record of an object, giving researchers instant insight into the various dimensions and shapes of the object.

Scientists have also discovered a large number of other tall trees in the region. Of these, 50 trees were found to be more than 279 feet and 25 trees were more than 295 feet tall. Scientists believe that this discovery is very important for biodiversity conservation.

Ideal habitat for complex branch system organisms

Hundreds of feet high, this cypress tree is very special because its roots are not completely underground. Also, a large part of the adventitious roots spread over the ground. The tree also has a complex branching system that provides an ideal environment and habitat for some endangered plants and animals.

Currently, the tallest tree in the world is Hyperion in California, USA. This tree is hundreds of years old, whose height is 380 feet. This tree of Redwood species was discovered in 2006. All trees of this species are usually more than 300 feet in height.

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