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BLA attacks Chinese engineers’ convoy, 13 killed


Baluchistan, Pakistan

A convoy of Chinese engineers was attacked in Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan, near a police station when an IED exploded. The incident occurred near the Gwadar police station, where the glass of the van involved in the convoy was cracked. Last week, at least seven people, including the chairman of the Union Council (UC), were killed in a landmine blast targeting a vehicle in Balochistan’s Panjgur district.

The Punjab Home Department has instructed Chinese nationals living in the province or working with private companies to hire ‘A’ class private security companies for their security. The Punjab government established the Special Protection Unit (SPU) in 2014 to protect foreigners working on national projects.

The SPU has recruited 3,336 security constables, 187 drivers, 20 wireless operators, 244 ex-army personnel, and seven ex-army officers. The personnel have been given six months of rigorous training at four police training schools. Currently, 3,829 officers and personnel of the SPU provide security to 7,567 Chinese people working in four CPEC and 27 non-CPEC projects in the province, along with 2,552 attached personnel from the districts.

The Pakistani government has also agreed to bear the security costs of non-CPEC projects, drawing renewed attention after the horrific Karachi University incident that claimed the lives of several Chinese nationals.

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