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China proposes abandon dollar; “color revolution”, oppose economic sanctions

China proposes abandon dollar; “color revolution”, oppose economic sanctions

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again attacked terrorism. He said that the fight against terrorism in any form has to be continued. Some countries use cross-border terrorism for their policies and give shelter to terrorists, SCO should not hesitate to criticize such countries.

Narendra Modi at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting. The special thing is that Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping as well as Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif were also present at this meeting. In gestures in front of global leaders, Narendra Modi took a dig at countries supporting terrorism including Pakistan.

The 23rd summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is being held in New Delhi, the capital of India. On Tuesday, there was an online meeting of the Heads of State of its member countries. In this virtual meeting hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India supports the proposal for reform and modernization in SCO, and we are in favour of removing language barriers.

Iran and Belarus join as observers

Iran and Belarus are also joining the SCO as observer countries. They can get full membership. On this occasion, PM Modi said that today Iran is going to join the SCO family as a new member, congratulations to the Iranian President for this. They also welcomed the signing of the ‘Memorandum of Obligation’ for Belarus’ SCO membership.

Narendra Modi on issue of Afghan and extremism

PM Modi further said that India will suggest a program of reforms, to further improve cooperation among all countries for youth groups. On the issue of extremism, PM Modi said that the joint statement being issued today on extremism is a symbol of our shared commitment. On the issue of neighbouring Afghanistan, PM Modi said that India’s concerns and expectations regarding Afghanistan are similar to most of the SCO countries. We can work for better utilization of Chabahar Port.

Narendra Modi  also told  challenges of SCO countries

During his address, PM Modi also mentioned the major challenges of the SCO countries. He described the food, fuel and fertilizer crisis as the biggest challenge facing the world today. In the end, PM Modi extended best wishes to the President of Kazakhstan, who will be the next chair of the SCO.

Chinese President Proposes to oppose unilateral economic sanctions

Apart from PM Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping at the SCO summit said that China proposed to abandon the dollar, stand firm against “color revolutions” and oppose unilateral economic sanctions. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the SCO supports New Delhi’s call for further development of ties, as geopolitics has become more serious.

What did Putin say about Russia-Ukraine war?

Putin further said that Russia will continue to oppose and challenge the sanctions, adding that the Russian people are more united than ever. With the international security system in crisis, the SCO offers hope for peace and stability. The Russian President emphasized that the SCO adheres to the principles of a multipolar world. On the Russia-Ukraine War, Putin said that external forces threatened Ukraine’s security by waging a hybrid war against Russia and the Russian people.

Putin further said that the SCO contributes to peace. The SCO grouping is expected to increase trade and use of national currencies. Russia supports SCO cooperation in banking, digitization, high technology and agriculture. SCO should combat terrorism, extremism and crime. The Russian President welcomed Iran and Belarus to the SCO.


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