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China says illegal arbitral awards in South China Sea not accepted



Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wanpin said that China’s stand on the matter is continuous, clear and strong, in response to the Philippine Foreign Minister’s comments regarding the so-called arbitration-decision on the South China Sea. China does not accept this decision and does not recognize it. It does not accept any opinion or action based on this decision.

The spokesperson said that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had issued a special statement about this matter on 12 July 2016. The statement said that the arbitral tribunal heard and decided the case illegally against the country’s principle of consent, which was a serious violation of the UN Convention on the Sea and international law. His judgment is illegal and ineffective.

China’s sovereignty and rights over the South China Sea are long-standing, with ample historical and legal evidence. In no event is he affected by this illegal arbitral award. The spokesperson said that the Chinese side has received the support of more than a hundred countries on this matter.

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