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Discover How Sheikh Hasina Played a Vital Role in Shaping Democracy in Bangladesh


Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, Hasina, has emphasized the importance of democracy for the country’s development as the country prepares for the 2024 general elections. She praised the country’s sovereignty, independence, and democratic rights, stating that without democracy, development cannot occur.

Despite a boycott by the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, nearly 170 million people will vote to elect 299 lawmakers during the 12th national election. PM Hasina praised the government’s efforts in creating an environment where people could vote, despite obstacles. Despite the boycott, the people of Bangladesh are aware of their voting rights and the need for polls, demonstrating the country’s commitment to democracy.

Bangladesh’s Election Commission has set up over 42,000 polling stations for Sunday’s elections, with 119.6 million registered voters. Women make up almost half of the 120 million eligible voters, while first-time voters make up about 15 million. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to win a fourth consecutive term, despite the opposition BNP’s nationwide strike against the “illegal government.”

The Supreme Court has cleared the Election Commission to proceed with the general elections, and 127 foreign observers will assess the election’s fairness. International election expert teams from the European Union and foreign observers from various countries, including a Commonwealth team, are monitoring the elections.

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