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Home World Asia Foreign weapons battleground in Ukraine: Russia

Foreign weapons battleground in Ukraine: Russia

Foreign weapons battleground in Ukraine: Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that foreign weapons cannot change the conditions on the battlefield in Ukraine. Yes, they will increase tensions, intensify fighting and lead to destruction. He has asked the Russian army to target foreign tanks on a priority basis in action. Putin’s statement came on Russian state television after the NATO summit. Putin said that the assurance of NATO membership to Ukraine is dangerous for Russia’s security and has once again increased global tensions.

On France’s announcement to give Ukraine cruise missiles with a range of 250 km, Putin said, they will cause damage but the conditions on the battlefield will not change. On the food grain export agreement with Ukraine, Putin said that if some of Russia’s expectations are not met, we will not continue this agreement. The term of this agreement expires on 17 July.

Under this agreement, Ukrainian ships carrying food grains pass through the Black Sea only with the permission of the Russian army. This is the only way for Ukrainian ships to go abroad. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has said that the leaders of the allied countries who came to the NATO summit in Lithuania have assured to give weapons worth $1.68 billion to Ukraine.

In the early hours of Thursday, the Russian army carried out drone and missile attacks on several cities in Ukraine. Three people have been killed in these attacks. More than two dozen drone attacks were carried out only in the capital Kyiv, out of which 20 drones were shot down by air defence systems deployed in Ukraine. Four people have been injured and several homes destroyed in Kyiv in the latest Russian attacks. Drone strikes have killed two people in the north of Ukraine, while one has died in the south. The attacks took place hours after the end of the NATO summit in Lithuania. It has been learned that the Russian army is taking a large number of Ukrainian citizens captive and making them dig trenches on the war fronts. The Ukrainian army is encircled and attacked from these trenches.


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