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France evacuates Indian citizens from Niger


Niger has been in dire straits since the military coup, with pro-coup protesters destroying the French embassy. During this crisis, citizens of other countries including India are stranded in Niger. According to a media report, the French government has evacuated more than 990 of its citizens, including Indian nationals, in the last two days.

French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenain said on Twitter that out of 992 people evacuated by France, 560 are its citizens, while the rest include citizens of several other countries, including Indian nationals. He further said that after the military coup in Niger, France has evacuated 992 people through several rotation flights in the last two days.

It further said that apart from 560 French nationals, the flights have evacuated citizens of several other countries including Indian nationals. He said that so far four flights carrying French and other nationals have left from Niger. 992 people who wanted to leave Niger have been taken. The fifth and final flight is scheduled for the end of the day.

The French foreign ministry’s statement comes after coup supporters in Niger on Sunday burned French flags and attacked the French embassy in Niger’s capital, Niamey, according to a report. The French Foreign Ministry said that because of the violence against our embassy, ​​we are starting the evacuation of our people. At least four European countries announced that plans were underway to evacuate their citizens in Niger. French President Emmanuel Macron said any attack on French interests in Niger would be responded to.

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