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How to record screen on a laptop?


Can’t find any icon for screen recording on the laptop.

However, one advantage of working on a laptop is that the user can do difficult tasks quickly with the help of some shortcuts without following the long setting process.

With the help of keyboard shortcuts in the laptop, the user’s work is done quickly. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for screen recording.

For screen recording, the user has to use three buttons on the laptop. For screen recording, first of all, open the screen in which you want to keep the information visible. Now for screen recording, press Windows+Alt+R on the keyboard simultaneously.

Pressing these three buttons simultaneously starts screen recording. Whether the screen is being recorded or not can be checked with a timer on the screen.

With the simultaneous pressing of these three buttons, this timer can be seen on the right side of the laptop screen. During this, whatever activity you do, everyone will start recording.

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