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India will buy killer drone at 27 percent cheaper


Many opposition parties raised questions regarding the deal of 31 drones between India and America and demanded that transparency should be maintained in every way in the purchase agreement.

Meanwhile, a senior government official related to the defence has claimed about this deal that India is buying the MQ-9B Predator UV Drone for 27 percent less than the price of other countries, which have bought it from the US. The official told that America gives this drone to other countries for 1275 crores, whereas it is giving it to India for 812 crores.

Yesterday on Wednesday, Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda said in a press conference that national security is paramount and many doubts are being raised on the Predator drone deal. Kheda said- We demand complete transparency in this Predator drone deal. India needs answers to many important questions related to this deal.

What did the Army answer?

Responding to this, a senior army official said that talks have not started on the pricing issue as the Defense Acquisition Council had approved the deal to buy 31 MQ-9B Predator UAV drones. He also said that the issue of price is not a part of it. However, the estimated cost of the drone made by the US government is US$3,072 million.

As per the information received so far, the estimated cost of one drone is around US$ 99 million for India. In the coming times, it may decrease further. But the cost of one drone to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was 161 million. He said that the MQ-9B drone that India wants to buy is equivalent to UAE, but its configuration is much better than UAE’s drone.

The features of the Predator drone

The biggest feature of this unmanned drone is that the enemy does not even get a clue of its coming and going, and this drone comes back after doing its work. The length of this drone is 11 meters and its wingspan is 20 meters. This drone can fly continuously for 35 hours. This drone can fly at a speed of 444 kilometres per hour. It can fly up to a height of 50 thousand feet.

This drone can easily take off with a weight of 1746 kg including missiles and bombs. Once in flight, it can easily travel about 1800 km.

Compared to other drones around the world, this drone is capable of flying longer distances and making missions more successful than any aircraft. Day or night, with the help of Sky Guardian and Sea Guardian, it can get clear video at full speed in any condition.

This is how it is operated

Indian Army personnel can operate the MQ-9 drone sitting in the control room. It will react exactly as it is instructed by the control room. It is very simple to operate. Please tell me that this drone is currently only in Israel and America.

After the delivery of the drone is completed, India’s security strength will increase manifold. It is known that this drone is equipped with in-built wide-area maritime radar, an automatic identification system, electronic support measures and a self-contained anti-submarine warfare (ASW) kit.

This question arises in your mind what is the need for this drone in India, then tell that the MQ-9B drone is considered very important from the point of view of India’s national security and defence needs. At present, India’s relations with its neighbouring countries China and Pakistan are tense. With this approach, getting this drone will increase the strength of the army.

Due to this, there will be a big change in India’s surveillance system along the border with China, which is called the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Through this drone, the movements of China can be closely monitored. Through this, the Indian Navy will also be able to keep a close watch on the activities happening in the Indian Ocean. This will also curb the drugs and weapons being sent to India through drones from across Pakistan. This drone will provide strength to the Indian Army.

All three armies will have drones

All these 31 drones will work under a tri-service command. But will not be distributed equally. According to the future requirement, the three operational centres will decide their role based on mission-specific roles as directed by the Theater Commander and the Chief of Staff Committee.

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