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Info incorrect of shooter entering US Senate Buildings


There was a stir after the report of a shooter entering the US Parliament House complex. After this, the US Capitol Police searched the Senate office. Along with issuing orders, people were told to stay in a safe place where you are. But the police officers did not find anything suspicious in the search.

Hugh Carew, a spokesman for the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, said after a search of the complex that police did not find any shooters and no injuries at the US Capitol complex. He said there was a call regarding a suspected shooter. Looks like it was a wrong call. No shooter was found in the search operation.

Earlier, the US Capitol Police tweeted on Wednesday that if you are inside the Senate building, everyone should stay safe as an active shooter is feared to have entered the office. Police say that there is no confirmation of gunfire yet.

Media reports claimed that the Senate building had been evacuated by the authorities. Personnel and journalists working in the office were instructed to stay in a closed room through email. Apart from this, he has been instructed to maintain calm and keep his electronic device switched off. These days there is a holiday in the Senate. Offices are also less crowded than usual. Police said that an investigation is on in the matter.

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