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Is Putin’s Arrogance Undermining Russian Power?


The last few days have been full of upheavals for Russia. While Russia has already suffered a lot due to the more than 16-month war against Ukraine, the recent uprising of the Wagner Group has brought Russian President Vladimir Putin also increased the tension. And that too to such an extent, that things went haywire till he left Moscow. Although nothing can be said clearly about whether Putin left Moscow or not.

But it is clear that a mercenary army gave sleepless nights to one of the most powerful and fearless leaders of the world, Putin. In his life of 70 years, Putin has certainly faced many difficult situations. But the rebellious tone of the Wagner Group, a mercenary army that has flourished with Putin’s support, has left Putin both shocked and worried.

The rebellion is over, but what does it mean?

With the help of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, the Wagner Group’s insurgency has ended. The fighters of the Wagner Group did not cause any significant damage to Russia. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group, has ordered his army to retreat from Russia and has also left the field.

But Joe Prigozhin, a long-time Putin favourite, whose mercenary army played a key role on Russia’s side in the war against Ukraine, when he rebelled against Russian administration and policies, became one of the most powerful countries in the world. It became difficult for Russia to be considered one of the

What does it mean? These have come to us and you too in society. Russia’s status is decreasing and Putin has also understood this.

Putin, who wanted to take over Ukraine in a few days, has not been able to do so even in 16 months. Of course, the Russian army has created havoc in Ukraine. A large number of people lost their lives and even more people were injured. Due to this scene of terror in Ukraine, a large number of people were forced to leave the country, so don’t know how many people became homeless due to the war while living in Ukraine. But did Putin succeed in his plans? The answer is simple….No.

When the Wagner group, which flourished with Putin’s support, raised the tone of rebellion, Putin’s tension also increased. A mercenary army troubled Putin. Putin’s special is now away from Putin. But when Prigozhin, who was once Putin’s special, showed his attitude, Putin was not impressed.

In such a situation, the question comes to mind, “Has Putin’s vanity broken?” The answer is once again simple and something Putin would hardly like, but it doesn’t change the truth.

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