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Islamabad High Court approves Imran Khan’s bail


Pakistan’s Former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has lost his chair, and his difficulties have also increased. Ever since leaving the post of PM, Imran started rebelling against the new government and army of Pakistan.

Because of this country’s government and army turned against him. Due to this, there was a crisis not only for Imran but also for his political party PTI. But today something has happened which has given relief to Imran.

Relief for Imran Khan in  Toshakhana case

Today, on Tuesday, July 4, Imran got relief in the Toshakhana case. Islamabad High Court, during the hearing in Toshakhana case today, declared entire case invalid. Not only this, Islamabad High Court has given relief to Imran by approving bail application of Imran in this Toshakhana case.

On Imran getting relief in the Toshakhana case, his party PTI has also expressed its reaction to this. PTI said that Imran getting bail is a victory not only for Imran but for the entire party.

What is Toshakhana case?

During Imran’s tenure as Prime Minister, he received valuable gifts from the leaders of other countries during his visits, especially from the rulers of Arab countries. There is a rule in Pakistan that it is necessary to keep the gifts received from prominent persons of other countries in the Toshakhana.

After Imran was removed from Pakistan’s power, the new government filed a complaint against Imran, alleging that Imran did not disclose the gifts related to Toshakhana in his declaration of assets. Not only this, but Imran also earned a lot of money by selling some of those gifts at a high price.

For this reason, the Toshakhana case was going on against Imran. However, Imran denied doing so and said that Imran had bought all the gifts from Toshakhana for Rs 2.15 crore and sold them for Rs 5.8 crore. Later it was revealed that Imran Khan got more than Rs 20 crore by selling these gifts.

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