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Kremlin says Niger crisis being closely monitored



The Kremlin expressed concern on Monday over the situation in Niger, whose president was ousted last week in a coup that was condemned by many countries but welcomed by the head of Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group, which has interests in Africa. There are broad interests.

“What is happening (in Niger) is of grave concern,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He said, “We are in favour of restoring the rule of law in the country soon. We are for restraint on all sides so that it does not lead to human casualties, Peskov said. The Kremlin said it was closely monitoring the situation.

Niger coup leaders last Friday declared General Abdourahmane Tiyani as the new head of state, days after saying they ousted President Mohamed Bazoum in the seventh military takeover in West and Central Africa in less than three years. West African countries have threatened to use force if the coup leaders fail to restore Bazoum.

No lethal means used: The French foreign ministry on Monday rejected allegations by Nigerian military officials that French security forces used lethal means to respond when junta supporters attacked the French embassy in Niamey on Sunday.

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