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New Zealand-Australia Largest migration loss



New Zealand has a net migration loss of 13,400 people to Australia in 2022, compared with a net migration loss of 5,400 people in 2021, according to estimates released by the Department of National Statistics on Wednesday. “The net migration loss to Australia in 2022 is the largest for a calendar year since 2013, but well below the largest net loss of 43,700 in March 2012,” said Stats NZ’s population indicators manager Tahseen Islam.

Xinhua news agency quoted Stats NZ as saying that traditionally, there has been a net migration loss from New Zealand to Australia. It averaged about 30,000 per year during 2004-2013 and 3,000 per year during 2014-2019, Islam said. “Migrant arrivals to Australia have increased to last year’s 2014-2019 levels,” Islam said, adding that migrant arrivals from Australia were about two-thirds of 2014-2019 levels.

In 2022 there was a provisional net migration gain of 34,300 from the rest of the world excluding Australia to New Zealand. Statistics show that this more than compensates for net migration losses in Australia. Islam said changes in migration were generally due to a combination of factors, including relative economic and labour market conditions, as well as immigration policies in New Zealand and other countries.

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