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Home World Asia Operation Targets Militant Base Linked to Iran: Recent Developments

Operation Targets Militant Base Linked to Iran: Recent Developments

Operation Targets Militant Base Linked to Iran: Recent Developments

At least three militants were killed in a strike on a base in eastern Baghdad used by Iran-backed armed groups, according to Iraqi security officials and militia leaders. The attack targeted the headquarters of the 12th Brigade of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces, a group of Shiite militias backed by Iran.

Abu Toqa Al Siaidi, deputy commander for Baghdad Suburbs Operations and a senior member of the Al Nujaba militia, was among the killed. At least six other militants were injured in at least two explosions.

The Iraqi government accused the US-led International Coalition of being behind the attack, which was carried out by drones. Military spokesman Maj Gen Yahya Rasool described the attack as a flagrant and alarming aggression on Iraq’s sovereignty, stating it was no different from terrorist acts.

Iraqi armed forces are accusing the International Coalition troops of an unjustified attack on an Iraqi security apparatus, under the authority of the Commander in Chief. This development undermines understandings between the Iraqi armed forces and the International Coalition, and is considered a dangerous escalation and assault on Iraq.

The PMF’s 12th Brigade is linked to Al Nujaba, a group accused of attacking US troops in Iraq and Syria. The group is supported by Iran’s Quds Force, which provides weapons and training for Iraqi militias. Iran-backed militias have increased drone and rocket attacks against US forces in Iraq and Syria, citing Washington’s support for Israel in the Gaza war. The US has responded with strikes, killing over a dozen in Iraq and Syria.


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