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Home World Asia Over 500 killed in road accidents in Bangladesh

Over 500 killed in road accidents in Bangladesh

Over 500 killed in road accidents in Bangladesh


Over 500 people lost their lives in road accidents in Bangladesh last month. In June, 516 people were killed, while 812 were seriously injured in 559 separate cases of road accidents across the country, and nearly 34 perent of the fatalities were motorcycle-related, A report published by the Road Safety Foundation reveals. Caused by accidents.

As the Dhaka Tribune reported, “To say that the situation is dire would be an exaggeration.” Although a lot of laws and policies have been enacted to curb the number of road accidents, they have not resulted in any reduction in their frequency.
Moreover, such accidents, which are happening again and again, are driven by reckless drivers, often without licenses, who have no business driving such vehicles.

Furthermore, according to the Dhaka Tribune, bus companies encourage reckless driving, which leads to the loss of many lives on the roads, and even the slightest hint of rules often leads to protests from bus company owners and drivers. Is. This behaviour perpetuates the status quo. According to the Dhaka Tribune, another problem that has not been resolved, which contributes to road accidents, is the fact that unfit vehicles are still being allowed to ply our roads and highways.

Although the Road Transport Act of 2018 has been in effect for several years now, with no such implementation of the relevant laws, reports of unsafe roads and highways are increasing at an alarming rate. According to a Dhaka Tribune report, demanding safe roads and highways is a basic requirement that the government must fulfil, otherwise, there is a risk of losing everything it has achieved as a nation.


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