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Palestinian youth at Islamic Jihad summer camp


Everyone is aware of the kind of life in Palestine. The conditions of life in Palestine are very difficult due to the tussle with Israel.   And if live in an area that Israel has occupied, life gets even more difficult. Life has to be spent under the shadow of the Israeli army’s raids and difficult situations have to be faced every day.

A video from Palestine is being shared on social media which is surprising. The youth in Palestine are going the wrong way. This is the path of the Islamic Jihad Summer Camp. However, this does not include all the youth of Palestine.

What is Islamic Jihad Summer Camp?

Islamic Jihad, an active militant group in Palestine, has recently started a camp during summer vacation. The name of this camp is Islamic Jihad Summer Camp. This is a military-style camp, where youth are given military training, but only in name. This group trains youths to become extremists.

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