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Putin Targets Ukraine and Western Allies over Wagner Group’s Rebellion

Putin Targets Ukraine and Western Allies over Wagner Group’s Rebellion

A few days ago, the issue that was discussed all over the world was the rebellion of the Wagner Group against Russia. For a long time, the Wagner Group has played an important role in Russia’s military missions. Not only domestic military Missions but also international military missions. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group, has been a Putin favourite for a long time.

The Wagner Group also played an important role in the war against Ukraine. But due to the laxity of the administration in this war, the Wagner Group also faced problems. For this reason, the Wagner Group rebelled against Russia. However, this rebellion did not last long and was put down by Prigozhin himself. But despite not lasting long, this rebellion increased the tension between Vladimir Putin. Now that the rebellion is over, Putin has once again turned his attention to Ukraine. At the same time, the West is also not out of Putin’s radar.

Putin recently took on Ukraine and the West in the name of the Wagner Group rebellion. The West includes all Western countries that have supported Ukraine so far. Putin said in his recent address that Ukraine and all its Western allies wanted Russians to fight among themselves and get ready to kill each other. Putin further said that at such a time the patriotism of the countrymen of Russia also helped in avoiding internal strife in Russia.

West has been targeted many times before

This is not the first time Putin has targeted the West. Since the war between Russia and Ukraine started, Putin has repeatedly targeted the West. The reason for this is the West supporting Ukraine in this war, which Putin does not like at all. In such a situation, Putin has time and again targeted the West for helping Ukraine.

The war against Ukraine has caused a rift between Russia and the Western countries. Russia’s relations with America have deteriorated a lot. So many both do not leave any chance to target each other.


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