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Home World Asia Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe denies military deal with China

Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe denies military deal with China

Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe denies military deal with China

Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe recently visited Britain and France. During this, he also interacted with the media there. The Sri Lankan President interacted on various issues and also answered the questions of the media. During this, a topic was also discussed which has a connection with India. Wickremesinghe made a big statement on this subject.

Talking to the media, Wickremesinghe, while talking about the so-called Chinese army being in his country, said that his country is completely neutral and he has not made any military agreement with China and will never do so. At the same time, Wickremesinghe also made it clear that China has no military base in Sri Lanka and will not allow its country to be used for any activity against India.

Hambantota port is given only on a lease, To control with Sri Lanka only

Talking about Hambantota Port, Wickremesinghe said that Sri Lanka had leased this port to China for 99 years in 2017 due to debt. However, Wickremesinghe also confirmed that the security and control of the port rests with the Sri Lankan government.

For your information, let us tell you that last year, China had sought permission to anchor the ballistic missile and satellite tracking vessel Yuan Wang, V at Hambantota Port and the Sri Lankan government had also permitted China. Since then, there was an increased apprehension in India and the United States of America that it could be used to spy against India. Although China denied it, India and America are fully alert in this matter.


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