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Tejas Mk 2 will be ready for flight in 2025


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to America. India and America signed an agreement for fighter jet engines. Under this agreement, American company General Electric will make its F414 engine in India.

For which the company will partner with India’s government company HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited). Tejas Mark 2 aircraft will now get Benefit of this contract between the two countries. The project to prepare this aircraft was going very slowly in search of an engine. But now it will gain momentum.

Prabhulla Chandran, director of avionics and weapon systems at HAL’s Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), said during an event in Chandigarh that the first Tejas Mk 2 aircraft will be ready to fly in 2025 after receiving the f414 engine from General Electric. Will be done. He told that ADA is the nodal agency for the design of indigenous fighter aircraft.

Bigger and heavier than Tejas

Explain that Tejas MK 2 will become more powerful after the installation of General Electric’s F414 engine. It will be bigger and heavier than Tejas Mk 1. Its engine was being searched for a long time. Earlier French and British Rolls Royce engines were being considered for installation in this aircraft.

Director Prabhulla Chandran further informed that around 200 Tejas Mk 2 aircraft will be manufactured. After the engine is made in India, 90 per cent of the parts used in Tejas MK 2 will be made in India. State-of-the-art radars, weapons and other systems will be indigenous. The ejection seat and some sensors will be procured from other countries. Tejas Mk 2 will be a single-engine aircraft. Prabhulla claimed that it would be better than Rafale.

Significantly, the Tejas aircraft has been built under the LCA (Light Combat Aircraft). Apart from this, an upgraded model of Tejas has also been made. It is called Tejas Mark One (Tejas Mk1). Its next version is Tejas Mk2. Prabhulla told that the design of Tejas Mk2 is very different from Tejas Mk1. It’s 20 per cent bigger. It can carry more weapons. Prabhulla told that there will be only one version of Tejas Mark II. Later its trainer version will be made.

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