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US aviation watchdog warns overheating in Boeing engines

US aviation watchdog warns overheating in Boeing engines


The US aviation watchdog has issued a warning about overheating in some CFM engines on Boeing 737 Max planes. The American airline says that they are aware of the problem and have found solutions for it.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported on Tuesday that specific parts on the inlets of the CFM Leap-1B engines powering the 737 Max planes have been marked for potential overheating. Boeing 737 aircraft with CFM engines are used in the US only by domestic SpiceJet and Aqasa airlines. Currently, 29 Boeing 737 Max Airplanes are in use in the US.

The United States watchdog says that the departure of the inlet and possible fan cover failure can occur if the situation is not taken care of. Removal of the inlet can result in damage to the window and the aircraft body. Because of this, there may be a danger to the passengers sitting on the windows behind the wings. This can also lead to a loss of control of the Airplane.

A Boeing spokeswoman said it supports FAA regulations regarding problems with the 737 Max Airplane. However, no such incident has happened so far. Measures have been identified to mitigate potential problems. The company is working with customers to implement the measures.


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