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US bans university admission based on race-ethnicity


The Supreme Court of the United States, giving a major decision, banned the practice of admission to a university based on race or ethnicity. At the same time, President Biden has given his reaction to this. He said Thursday that he strongly disagrees with a US Supreme Court ruling banning the use of race and ethnicity in university admissions decisions. He said the decision departed from decades of precedent.

According to media reports, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said in his ruling that race-based admissions programs must be strictly scrutinised, race should never be used as a stereotype or negative and it must end at some point. Needed The hearing was related to admission to prestigious American universities such as Harvard and the University of North Carolina (UNC).

The Chief Justice said in the judgment that such a practice cannot last forever and such practice amounts to unconstitutional discrimination against others. The student should be treated as an individual based on his or her experiences, not based on race. He said that our constitutional history cannot tolerate this option.

And Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in her note for the minority decision that the decision sets back decades of precedent and significant progress. It recognizes that race can no longer be used in a limited way in college admissions to gain such significant benefits. He wrote that ignoring caste would not bring equality to society.

At the same time, President Joe Biden appeared to disagree with the US Supreme Court’s decision to ban race-based admission. He said the court ended affirmative action in college admissions. The US President said that he completely disagrees with the court’s decision. Biden said today’s decision rolls back decades of important progress. “I have always believed that the promise of America is big enough for everyone to succeed, and for every generation of Americans, by opening the doors of opportunity a little wider to include those who have been left behind,” he added. We have benefited.

The US President said that he believes that colleges are stronger when they are racially diverse. He said, our country is strong because we are appreciating all the talents in this country. He said that I also believe that talent, creativity and hard work are everywhere in this country, but the opportunities are not equal.

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