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Britney Spears slapped in the face by Victor Wembanyama’s security guard


Pop star Britney Spears was allegedly slapped in the face when she attempted to take a photo with basketball player Victor Wembanyama at Catch restaurant in the ARIA Hotel, Las Vegas. The incident occurred on Wednesday night, as TMZ initially reported.

Spears, accompanied by her husband Sam Asghari and a few friends, entered the restaurant and approached Wembanyama to greet him and request a photo. However, Wembanyama’s security guard, who also serves as the Director of Team Security for the San Antonio Spurs, unexpectedly backhanded Spears, causing her to fall to the ground and her glasses were knocked off.

Shortly after the incident, the guard approached Spears to apologize. He claimed that he did not recognize Spears when he struck her. Spears reportedly accepted the apology but proceeded to file a police report regarding the incident.

Following the incident’s widespread media coverage, Spears took to her Instagram Story to share her perspective. She expressed that being swarmed by people was a common occurrence for her and mentioned that her security team had not harmed any fans that night. Spears also revealed that she has faced traumatic experiences in the past but was unprepared for what happened that night.

Sam Asghari, Spears’ husband, also addressed the incident on his Instagram Story, expressing his hope that the responsible individual would learn from their actions and exhibit greater respect towards women.

After the incident, Britney managed to regain her composure and proceeded to her table. According to sources, the security guard responsible for the feud approached Britney’s table and offered his apologies. He explained that the overwhelming nature of being surrounded by fans often leads to such encounters and stated that he was unaware of Britney’s identity when he struck her, reported ET Canada.

Following the apology, Britney graciously accepted it. Additionally, her security team engaged in a conversation with the security guard assigned to Victor Wembanyama. Subsequently, Britney’s team decided to take further action by filing a police report with the Metropolitan Police Department, alleging battery as a result of the incident.

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