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After centuries and in Saint Moulay Abdeslam the tribes of the Moroccan Sahara have united around the monarchy


The Alamiyine Shorfas and the Delegation of the Tribes of the Southern Sahara Provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco reaffirm their strong bond within the framework of a unified Morocco from north to south

Sidi Nabil Baraka:

The visit confirms the sincerity of the national cohesion around the Commandery of the Faithful of Believers His Majesty King Mohammed VI

Sidi Hassan raguibi Al-Idrisi :

We cling to our Moroccanness and we bless all the initiatives taken by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

The chorfas alamiyines of the Sufi Moulay Abdeslam pole of northern Morocco, and the delegation of the regions of the Moroccan Sahara, are united around the great and strong bond that has united them for centuries, within the framework of a unified Moroccan kingdom from north to south. , and an allegiance to the glorious Alawite throne.

In this context, Sidi Nabil Baraka explained in the name of the Sufi Way the Mashichiya Shadiliya and the chorfas alamiyines that the visit of relatives that the delegation of the southern provinces carries out with their cousins ​​​​on the tomb of the saint moulay abdeslam Ibn Mishish, is a beautiful ancestral tradition, and a spiritual celebration during which the honourable scholars of universal Sufism of the Mashichiya shadiliya of the world meet with the delegation of the southern provinces.

He added that this visit is part of the firm will to preserve the heritage of the ancestors, who made this visit an opportunity to exchange love and brotherhood and renew the alliance and loyalty to the glorious Alaouite throne.

Sidi Hassan Al Rguibi al-Idrisi said that the visit of the delegation of the Saharan provinces is not the first at the house of the Baraka family, but also their grandfathers and fathers have preceded them for centuries.

The visit of the delegations from the south carries many messages, first and foremost the attachment to their Moroccanness and affirms the strong bond that unites the Sahrawi tribes with their cousins ​​in northern Morocco.

Sidi Nabil Baraka had received, Friday, July 14, at his home the tribes of the southern province.

Originally published at Almouwatin.com

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