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Britain‘s first zero-waste theater has opened its doors in London

Britain‘s first zero-waste theater has opened its doors in London

Surrounded by the glass and steel towers of London’s financial district, a low-rise construction made of re-used materials has sprung up to make the point we have collective power to tackle climate change.

The Greenhouse Theatre, billed as Britain’s first zero waste theatre, is staging plays in London over the summer months when long, light evenings reduce the need for electricity.

It is made entirely from recycled materials, reported Reuters.

A small theater made from recycled materials has been announced as Britain’s first zero-waste theatre. The aim is to show that we have the collective power to tackle climate change.

Its building is surrounded by the glass and steel towers of London’s Financial District.

According to the theatre’s 26-year-old artistic director Ollie Savage, it is the only zero-waste theater in the UK.

“We’re using the power of performance and storytelling to spark climate action among all the people who want to get involved,” Savage said.

The theater puts on plays in London during the summer months when the evenings are long and there is no need for lighting. The small portable structure is built from used lumber.

“Everything we use had a life before us. And once we’re done with it, we work very hard to make sure it continues to be used,” said Ollie Savage.

According to the artistic director, his target audience between the ages of 16 and 35 is very concerned about the environment. But young people are pessimistic that they can do anything about it. He wants to show them that sustainable development can be easier and more fun than they think.

“Our goal is to help people feel more connected to nature and each other,” said Ollie Savage.

Laura Kent is one of four actresses in the play. As soon as she finds out about the existence of the theater, she expresses her desire to join it.

“I try to lead a relatively natural lifestyle. But I realized it’s not that easy, especially with a limited budget. It’s really hard for new theater producers. That’s why I was so excited when I saw that this theater existed. I wanted to learn the ways they manage and it’s very encouraging because it means anyone can do it,” explained Kent.

The audience is in a circle, seated on wooden benches, while the cast performs the play using few props and no microphones.

“I think it’s a really innovative idea. You get the feeling that everything is handmade and that adds magic to the place,” said onlooker Stephen Greaney.

The small theater space will host a further 15 shows during the London summer season.


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