Home World Europe How much does North Korean leader Kim Jong Un weigh?

How much does North Korean leader Kim Jong Un weigh?

How much does North Korean leader Kim Jong Un weigh?

According to artificial intelligence calculations, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un weighs more than 140 kg, a South Korean lawmaker said in a statement reflecting interest in Kim’s health.

The health of North Korea’s leaders is usually a closely guarded secret, and speculation about the condition of current leader Kim Jong Un, believed to be 39 years old, continues due to his heavy smoking, apparent weight gain and family history of cardiovascular problems.

“During his public appearance on May 16, he looked haggard, with clear dark circles around his eyes, and was estimated to weigh more than 140kg, an artificial intelligence analysis showed,” said Yoo Sang-bum of the Parliamentary Intelligence Committee. after a national intelligence briefing.

The MP said it is likely that Kim is suffering from serious sleep problems. He cited a South Korean intelligence report that said North Korea was hard at work collecting the latest medical information on treating insomnia for its leader.

North Korea’s tightly controlled media rarely report on Kim’s health, but in March, the Workers’ Party of Korea’s Nodon Sinmun newspaper reported, citing him as saying that the North Korean leader regularly works through the night and sometimes into the wee hours. 5:00 am.

Kim Jong Un is a third generation leader. He came to power after his father Kim Jong Il died in 2011 of a heart attack.

South Korean intelligence is considering the possibility that Kim may have fallen into a “vicious cycle” of heavy alcohol and nicotine addiction and suffering from insomnia given the large amount of foreign cigarettes and snacks being shipped into North Korea.


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