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Out-of-School Education in Uzbekistan | -europeantimes.news-


In a story from Euronews, it is reported that the country of Uzbekistan is undergoing a transformation with its out-of-school education and training offerings. Bacmal avlade centers, which translates to “harmonious generation” in Uzbek, are spread across the country and provide children with a variety of after-school activities.

From learning robotics, to chess, to hair styling, the programs are diverse and aim to create an environment where children can develop their hidden talents and apply these skills to future careers.

Traditional design classes and computer science programs are also highly popular, with the government prioritising digital technologies as an educational priority and offering opportunities for disadvantaged groups, such as girls with disabilities. The aim is to make these individuals competitive in the local and global labor market.

Additionally, specialized IT schools offer esports as a way to develop strategic, logical thinking, leadership qualities, and communication skills among students. Bacmal avlade centers and other forms of out-of-school education are part of Uzbekistan’s national education system and are affordable, with the equivalent of four US dollars per month in big cities and even less in small towns.

The hope is to inspire a new generation of inventors, designers, and creative individuals who are well-equipped to thrive in the future.

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