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Scientology organizes event at OSCE/ODIHR Meeting in Vienna


VIENNA, AUSTRIA, June 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Supplementary Human Dimension Meetings are mandated meetings, dedicated to discussing the implementation of OSCE “human dimension commitments” and sharing recommendations on key substantive concerns relevant to the selected topics.

The third “Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting” of 2023, organized by the OSCE Chairpersonship of North Macedonia, OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), will look at the role of “civil society organizations in promoting and protecting tolerance and combating discrimination,” as well as assess the effectiveness of their efforts and discuss the best ways to give them the space and support they need to do their work.

As part of the main meetings, civil society is encouraged to organize 8 side events within the framework of the main meeting. It is in this space that an event proposed by the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights has been accepted in the calendar.

With the title “Faith-Based Approaches to Combatting Discrimination and Promoting Inclusion”, the event organized by Ivan Arjona as representative of the Scientologists to all European institutions, OSCE and United Nations, explained in the summary of the event to take place on Monday 26, that

“Faith-based organizations can play a crucial role in promoting tolerance and non-discrimination. Faith-based organizations have the potential to make a significant impact in promoting tolerance and non-discrimination. The event will attempt to offer valuable insights and resources to help understand how to approach these issues from a faith-based perspective, and how to effectively promote and protect tolerance and non-discrimination within faith communities. How can Faith-based organizations use their influence to advocate for policies that promote equality and justice? We will cover different practices such as lobbying lawmakers, participating in public demonstrations, or partnering with other organizations to promote social justice.”

This side event will include the view of different religions, including the one of Scientology, based on the teachings of its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

In regards to the main OSCE, where Arjona will have the possibility to interact, participants will concentrate on three interrelated issues. The first session will focus on civil society techniques for teaching young people about diversity and combating prejudice and hatred in the online space through public education campaigns. The second session will concentrate on civil society efforts to combat intolerance and prejudice against communities that are frequently targets of hatred, such as Roma and Sinti, as well as migrants and refugees.

Finally, participants will explore the role and effectiveness of collaboration among various civil society organizations, as well as collaboration with state institutions, in improving the situation throughout the OSCE region.

The “Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting” will bring together representatives from OSCE participating states, OSCE institutions and structures, international organizations, civil society, media, and other stakeholders with relevant experience. The Partners for Cooperation are welcome to participate and contribute to their field cooperation and relations with the OSCE.

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