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Friends fly small plane across the continents from USA to India


Every person wants to go on a trip with their best friend in their lifetime but many possibly couldn’t fathom the way these two friends went on a trip. Mattias Meneghello and his friend accomplished an incredible achievement by flying a small single-engine plane from the United States to India. They left on the 13th of July from Maine, USA, and stopped through Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Italy, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates before arriving in New Delhi, India.

As the name suggests, single-engine planes only have one engine compared to other multi-engine planes and are typically employed on flights that do not require the redundancy afforded by several engines since they are simpler in design and operation. Private and recreational flying, flight training, short-distance travel, and certain sorts of aerial work are all frequent uses for single-engine planes.

While flying a small plane into foreign nations seems feasible, it takes careful planning, adherence to regulations, and excellent communication with authorities to ensure a safe and legal flight. To properly manage the process, it is advised that you speak with aviation specialists or people who have experience with overseas flights.

Just like a commercial flight entering a country, a small plane too has to complete multiple necessary customs and immigration formalities and you will have to submit all necessary papers including passport, visas and aeroplane paperwork. The registration, airworthiness certifications, insurance documentation, and any required maintenance records for your aircraft must be current and available during the trip.  

For your departure and arrival, you must file a flight plan with the appropriate aviation authority. You may also need to get air traffic control clearances for each leg of your flight. It is also to be noted that each country has their own set of aviation rules and regulations and that it is critical to know and comprehend the norms and regulations of the country you intend to visit.

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