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German brewery innovates ‘instant beer powder’, might be a sustainable brewing breakthrough


German brewery Neuzeller Klosterbräueri introduced a creation that has beer lovers buzzing with curiosity – a powdered lager! Yes, you read that right – this amazing product turns into a refreshing, bubbly drink with just water and a quick stir. Not only it is super convenient, but the brewery also claims it’s kinder to the environment, using fewer resources and cutting down on transportation costs.

However, not everyone is sold on the idea of powdered beer, especially traditional beer lovers in Germany. But the brewery’s managing director, Stefan Fritsche, is on a mission to do more than just introduce a new product. He wants to revolutionise the beer industry by challenging the conventional way of doing things.

Right now, powdered beer is alcohol-free, but fear not, an alcoholic version is on the horizon. Neuzeller Klosterbräu plans to launch it soon, targeting regions in Asia and Africa where transportation is a challenge. This move aims to tackle environmental concerns related to water usage and transportation in the beer industry.

The traditional beer-making process needs a lot of water – up to 90% of beer is water! This results in transporting billions of liters of water worldwide, costing a fortune and taking a toll on the environment. While powdered beer already saves on transportation.

Neuzeller Klosterbräu is known for its innovative brews, like potato beer and “anti-aging beer.” Now, with powdered beer, they’re taking big steps to make beer production more eco-friendly.

Powdered lager by Neuzeller Klosterbräueri is a game-changer for the beer industry. Although it faces initial scepticism, the potential benefits of conserving resources and reducing transportation costs are undeniable. As they prepare to launch the alcoholic version and target regions with transport challenges, the brewery sets an inspiring example for others to follow in brewing more sustainably. Cheers to a greener and tastier future!

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