Home World Human settlement on Venus by 2050, OceanGate co-founder aims

Human settlement on Venus by 2050, OceanGate co-founder aims

Human settlement on Venus by 2050, OceanGate co-founder aims

OceanGate co-founder Guillermo Sohnlein has set the goal of sending 1,000 humans to live in Venus’ atmosphere by 2050. The venture is spearheaded by his company, Humans2Venus, which he founded in 2020 with a mission to establish a permanent human presence in the Venusian atmosphere.

Speaking to Business Insider, Sohnlein expressed his firm belief in the achievability of this venture, stating that it is not just aspirational but highly doable by 2050. He emphasized that despite the tragic loss of lives during the Titan expedition, humanity must continue to push the boundaries of innovation and exploration.

Sohnlein’s vision is backed by research suggesting that there might be a habitable region in Venus’ atmosphere, approximately 30 miles above the planet’s surface. In this zone, temperatures and pressure are lower, making it potentially suitable for human habitation.

Humans2Venus highlights four key reasons why Venus could be a possible new home for humans. First, its gravity is almost identical to that of Earth, offering a familiar environment. Second, the temperature range falls within a favourable zone for liquid water, crucial for sustaining life. Third, the atmospheric radiation protection on Venus is comparable to Earth. Lastly, the atmospheric pressure at approximately 1 bar is similar to that of Earth at sea level.

However, the Venusian environment also presents some challenges. The atmosphere is primarily composed of carbon dioxide, and the clouds consist mostly of sulfuric acid, which would require advanced technology to mitigate. OceanGate, the company associated with the ill-fated Titan submersible, has suspended its exploration and commercial operations following the tragic incident that claimed the lives of all five people on board, including the CEO, Stockton Rush.

With a strong determination to pursue interplanetary habitation, Sohnlein has shifted his focus to Humans2Venus. He believes that this venture is a significant breakthrough opportunity for humanity and should not be hindered by setbacks or fear of failure.


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