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Japan Airlines will now let you rent clothes for your Japan trip


If you hate packing for your trips and want to travel without the hassle of baggage, Japan Airlines has introduced a revolutionary solution for people traveling to Japan. The airline and Sumitomo Corporation, a leading Japanese trading company, have launched the ‘Any Wear, Anywhere’ program for people boarding JAL-operated flights.

This program began on Wednesday allowing visitors flying to Japan to travel without unnecessary luggage and offering a chance to rent clothes upon arrival in the country. JAL said in a press release while announcing the trial of this service, “With more and more people flying again after the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the recent emphasis on sustainability, there is a growing movement around the world to promote sustainable tourism”. They added, “For example, most travelers now enjoy eating at restaurants and staying at hotels at their destination, but they generally bring their clothing from home.”

In a statement, the airlines promised to “monitor changes in passengers’ checked baggage weight and verify the reduction effect of carbon dioxide emissions by reduced airplane weight due to use of the Service.” To support the “circular money” idea, the airlines will purchase the clothing items available for rent from surplus apparel stock and pre-owned clothing.

A month before their arrival, passengers traveling to Japan can reserve their clothing through the “Any Wear, Anywhere” reservation service. The garments must be returned to the airlines within two weeks of the pickup date, following their instructions. The guests can then navigate to the reservation website and select from the available stock the best clothes that fit their visit’s purpose and the season.

The next step is for the travelers to provide their airline ticket number, pick-up and drop-off times, destination (where they will pick up the clothing), and payment information. Airlines will ensure delivery and pick up from the passengers’ hotels as they only carry a little amount of luggage. According to the airlines, the trial program will go for 14 months, until the end of August 2024. The prices of clothing will begin at around $28, and travelers can books casuals and smart clothing for both men and women.

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