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Joe Biden’s India Visit for G20 lThe Tatva


US President Joe Biden’s will be visiting India from 7 to 10 September to attend the G20 Leaders’ Summit. The summit will be held in New Delhi and is expected to be one of the most important gatherings of worldwide leaders in India.

The G20 or the Group of 20 is an intergovernmental forum comprising 19 countries and the European Union (EU) and is considered to be one of the finest forums for economic cooperation. The summit will focus on a number of international issues, which include the conflict in Ukraine, weather changes, and the global financial system. 

Biden’s visit to India is seen as an opportunity to strengthen the relations between India and The US. The two major economies have a growing strategic partnership and are operating collectively on a number of issues, which include security, climate change, and most importantly trade. India and America are also members of QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) which aims to ensure and support a “free, open, and prosperous” Indo-Pacific region.

During his visit, Joe Biden is expected to be meeting PM Minister Narendra Modi to talk about these issues, as well as different other areas of cooperation. He is also expected to be visiting the cultural diversity of India. The G20 summit is a major opportunity for Biden to exhibit the US’s dedication to international cooperation. It is also an opportunity for him to reinforce ties with India, a key US partner within the Indo-Pacific area. 

Key Issues to be Discussed at the G20 Summit

The G20 summit is expected to be conscious of a significant number of international issues, which include:

  • The warfare in Ukraine: The summit can be the first fundamental international gathering after Russia invaded Ukraine in February. The leaders are anticipated to talk about methods to quit the struggle and provide humanitarian help to the citizens of Ukraine.
  • Climate change: The G20 nations are the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, so their cooperation is vital to addressing climate change. The leaders are anticipated to discuss methods to reduce emissions and transition to a clean-powered economy.
  • Global Economic Conditions: The global economy is facing some challenges, inclusive of growing inflation and supply chain disturbance. The leaders are anticipated to discuss approaches to boost economic growth and create jobs. 
  • Food security: The war in Ukraine has disturbed the international food chain supplies, and the leaders are predicted to talk about methods to deal with the danger of food shortages. 
  • Other problems: The leaders also are anticipated to discuss different problems, which include terrorism, cyber safety, and nuclear non-proliferation.

The US-India Relationship

The relationship between India and US has grown stronger in recent times. Both nations are developing a strategic partnership and collaborating on a significant number of issues, including safety, trade, and climate change. The two leaders are predicted to speak on areas of mutual interest and other world affairs. The US and India are also operating collectively to cope with the challenges posed by China. The two nations are cooperating on security and financial troubles in the Indo-Pacific region. 

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