Home World Mysore Pak, Kulfi and Falooda named in World’s Best Street Food Sweets

Mysore Pak, Kulfi and Falooda named in World’s Best Street Food Sweets

Mysore Pak, Kulfi and Falooda named in World’s Best Street Food Sweets

The famous and delicious Mysore Pak has been named in the list of World’s Best Street Food Sweets which was released by Taste Atlas. Taste Atlas is a food-based magazine that gives detailed reviews and information on street food around the world. This list consists of all of the world’s best sweets and has placed Crepes, Pastel de Nata and Serabi in the top 3 of the list.

The list features three Indian sweets: Mysore Pak at number 19, Kulfi at number 24 and Kulfi Falooda which is placed at number 50. Mysore Pak was invented in 1935 at the Mysore palace by the royal chef Madappa who was experimenting with a sweet dish, combining gram flour, ghee butter, and sugar into a syrup. Today this dish has become so famous that it was known as the king of sweets in the south. It is now available throughout India and is served at various functions and celebrations.

Speaking to ANI, Shivananda, grandson of Tatsar Madappa, the man who invented Mysore Pak, said, “It’s a proud thing for every Kannadiga, especially for Mysorains. It’s also great news for every Indian. Mysore Pak was invented during King Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar. My grandfather Tatsar Madappa used to prepare Mysore Pak whenever guests used to come home. When king asked what’s the name, they didn’t have a name for it. Later the king named it Mysore (place) and Pak (sweet). Since then people started calling it Mysore Pak. we are continuing same sweetness, trend and tradition.”

Kulfi is a traditional Indian sweet which is like ice cream which is made by slowly simmering whole milk on heat. The long simmering process results in a loss of volume and makes for it with a delicious nutty caramelised flavour. Kulfi is usually flavoured with traditional Indian ingredients such as pistachio, rose water, and saffron. Some also believe that this dish was made by ancient inhabitants of the Himalayas.

Kulfi Falooda combines thin falooda noodles and kulfi, a traditional Indian ice cream. The whole dessert is often elevated with various additions such as sweet basil seeds, jelly, or rose water, and it is frequently garnished with crushed nuts.


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