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Pakistani woman illegally enters India to marry the man she met in an online game


In an incident which could have easily been a plot of a movie, a woman, Seema Haider travelled to India from Karachi, Pakistan to marry a man, Sachin Singh from Greater Noida she met while playing PUBG. She and her four children flew to Kathmandu, Nepal via Dubai and later took a bus from Pokhara, Nepal to enter illegally in India.

Seema Haider and Sachin Singh first got in touch while playing PUBG in 2020. The two later exchanged numbers and started talking through text and video calls. The two had previously met in Nepal in March this year and it was then that they had decided to marry each other.

DCP (Greater Noida) Saad Miya Khan said, “The two got close and tried to meet in person. In March this year, Seema went to Kathmandu via Sharjah to meet Sachin for the first time. They stayed in a hotel for 7 days and she returned to Pakistan. In May, she went to Nepal again, this time with her four children, on a tourist visa. Then she took a bus and came to Delhi. After that she came to Mohalla Ambedkar Nagar in Rabupura and was living there illegally since May 13.” The DCP also added that the two watched videos on YouTube about travelling from Pakistan to India and made their plan accordingly.

The police arrested the woman under relevant sections pf Foreigners Act and The Passport (Entry Into India) Act. The man and his father were booked under sections 120B (criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC for helping the woman cross the border and allowing the Pakistani woman to live with them. The police were informed of the woman from a city lawyer after the couple had approached a lawyer to help them get married.

While being taken into custody on Tuesday, Seema and Sachin pleaded to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath to help them get married. “I am ready to die here. I will never return to Pakistan I have no one there. My husband divorced me a year ago. I love Sachin and I want to marry him,” she said.

A senior police officer has also told The Times of India that they are investigating whether the Karachi resident could be a Pakistani spy. The officer also said that there are some details which make little sense. For instance, the woman gave some numbers claiming them to be the numbers of relatives but none of the calls went through. She also says that she failed in class 5 but she has a good knowledge of computers and also speaks fluent Hindi.

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